Craig Dillon’s Merchandise

During 2014, Craig launched his hugely successful range of branded wristbands which went on to sell over 5,000 units.

The first wristband was yellow coloured and featured a cartoon image of Craig’s face, Craig’s signature and the message “Keep Smiling!” The wristbands were shipped with a note signed by Craig. You can view the product page here.


The first batch of 1,000 wristbands sold out within a week, so Craig announced two new wristbands, one green and one purple. Both bands featured the cartoon of Craig and his signature but the green one read “Be Happy!” and the purple read “You’re Awesome!” You can view the green product page here and the purple product page here.


The wristbands were marketed as a limited edition, and 2,000 sold out instantly. Craig then went on to launch one more wristband with the same design, but this time in red and reading “Chase Your Dreams!” A link to Craig’s YouTube channel had also been added. You can view the product page here.chase_dreams_Main2,000 wristbands were sold on the launch night, and Craig went on to talk about how crazy it was, he was getting orders from Japan, Saudi Arabia, China, South Korea, places he had never expected someone to have even heard his name, let alone buy his merchandise.