Craig Dillon is a Media Personality, YouTube Sensation and Political Advocate.

His career began in 2013 after he started a YouTube Channel while at Summer Camp in upstate New York. Dillon started to post prank videos and answer questions about his life online, and his audience began to grow rapidly. Just before Christmas, Dillon launched his hugely successful range of branded wristbands, selling over 5,000 units in the 3 months they were on sale for.

By 2014 Dillon had amassed an audience of over 1 Million viewers and flew to the U.S to take part in the world-famous Warped Tour. He travelled across the country with the tour, meeting fans, creating videos and sharing his life online. Dillon was invited to make appearances at many events including VidCon in Los Angeles and Playlist Live in Florida. As his channel was becoming a huge success, Dillon began to focus on music

Craig Dillon at VidCon, Los Angeles in 2014

and started working with a variety of artists, conducting interviews and reviewing new albums. Dillon partnered with The O2 Arena to promote artists including Taylor Swift, One Direction, Miley Cyrus, Little Mix and many more.

After a very successful year, and with his career rapidly taking off, Dillon was outed as gay and accused of rape by an ex-boyfriend. After the Police conducted an investigation, Dillon was not charged with any crime and his ex removed the video and withdrew his accusation. During the investigation, Dillon faced a large amount of anger and upset from his online audience, and has spoken about how he fell into a period of deep depression. Dillon then gave an exclusive interview to The Independent Newspaper before beginning to make appearances again and started to move into different areas of the media, becoming an outspoken advocate against the increase in false rape accusations and regularly speaks on the topic, including the damage they cause, lack of consequences for those who make such claims and the stigma they create for genuine victims.

During 2015 Dillon became involved in the United Kingdom’s general election, working with The Conservative Party. Dillon moved into more mainstream journalism and made appearances on Sky News, discussing Youth Politics and LGBT issues. Dillon also began writing a column

Craig Dillon on Sky News in 2015

for the Gay Times Magazine and extended his work for the Conservatives into the LGBT wing of the party.

Dillon started to spend a large amount of time in Los Angeles and began to distance himself from the online persona he had so successfully created. Dillon spoke about how he felt misrepresented by his appearance and personality on YouTube, and the pressure he was under from his management to be “straight” and keep his lifestyle a secret.

In 2016 Dillon continued his work in Politics and was appointed as the Director of Communications for The Conservatives LGBT wing, LGBTory. Dillon makes regular appearances at various LGBT events, and now boasts an audience of over 1.5 million people, putting him at the forefront of the next LGBT Generation.


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